Domaine Lucien Muzard – Santenay “Les Gravières”

This week, we’re featuring Domaine Lucien Muzard’s 2014 Santenay 1er Cru “Les Gravières.”

In 1995 Lucien Muzard handed over the reins to his sons Claude and Hervé, who immediately began domain bottling their wine rather than selling it in bulk to négociants. Subsequently, in 2003 they purchased small bins for harvesting to keep crushing to a minimum. That same year they acquired a new temperature-controlled fermentation facility and stocked it with wooden fermentation vats, a new press, sorting table, and conveyor belt to carry grapes to vat without pumping— all enabling great care to be taken during fermentation and ageing. In 2005 they went organic in their vineyards, and then in 2008 they began the conversion to biodynamics, attaining certification with the 2011 vintage.

The largest premier cru in the northern tenderloin, named after its gravel content. Indeed, much of the north side of the village is defined by one geographical fault, and the vineyards here share many characteristics, with their wines being notable for complexity and length along with the lovely dark cherry fruit. The domain’s holding is 1.34 hectares (3.31 acres) and the vines average 50 years of age.

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Discounted price: $58