Rosé and Beaujolais Dinner

$79 per person
5 – course Wine Dinner
Thursday August 29th @ 7:00 pm

During the dog days of summer, I constantly find myself sipping a glass of Rosé after a long day of work. Firing up the grill, and opening a bottle of Beaujolais to have with dinner. After talking with Chef Todd, we decided that we should share this experience, and are having a Beaujolais – Rosé Wine Dinner. We want to demonstrate the diversity of these lovely wines. Hopefully you will be able to join us, sharing in something we often do: sit back, relax and have a delicious meal paired with great wines. 
Dominic DeCastro
Beverage Director
Rue Cler

About the wines: In partnering with {Proof} Wine and Spirits, we  have chosen some of our favorite producers for this dinner. From the serious Baudry Rosé to the playful and fun Rondeau Bugey Cerdon, we have tried to create a lineup that has a little bit of everything for every wine drinker. Highlighting the natural wine makers Coquelet and Descombes from Beaujolais, we wanted to show how different and distinct natural wines from different terroirs can be.

Here are the wines we have chosen for the dinner, and the food menu will follow shortly.

Bernard Baudry Chinon Rosé 2018

1st Course:
Damien Coquelet Chiroubles 2017

2nd Course:
Damien Coquelet Chénas 2017

3rd Course:
Georges Descombes Morgon “Vieilles Vignes” 2015

4th Course:
Dom. Rondeau Bugey Cerdon NV